about us

Welcome to Agravitae, where our name tells our story.
We are motivated by the authenticity of Agriculture,
the power of Graviola and gratitude of life or "vita."
Our Story
Our highest intention is to provide superior quality,
farm-sourced, plant-based nutrients in our graviola infused products.
Agravitae is steeped in tradition, seeded in science and motivated by a hunger for truth, and what we know to be tried + trusted.
Agravitae has an exclusive relationship with TKO Farms, the world’s largest graviola farm.
This 912 acre farm in Belize, features handplanted graviola by legendary local farmers.
TKO Farms is home to pristine air, rich soil, and serene sunlight offering idyllic growing conditions for graviola.
Methodologies passed from generation to generation through time-honored traditions are blended with advanced eco-friendly farming techniques to produce powerfully enriching, bioactive botanical nutrients.

our team

Ken Owen Chairman

Ken was born and raised in Oregon where he enjoyed the outdoors and beautiful Oregon coastline. His 30-plus year business career is highlighted by award-winning, high-volume sales and revenues for a wide variety of companies, including AT&T Business Systems.

Ken has spent the last several years as a Land Development Specialist and as an astute investor who raises capital for small to mid-sized companies. Ken is devoted to living a healthy and fit lifestyle, which is why he is excited about the health benefits of soursop.

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Evan Matzner Chief Operating Officer

For the past two years, Evan has been the COO of TKO Farms Inc. During this period of time, the farm in Belize has undergone major agricultural, infrastructure, and sustainable power improvements, in addition to adopting best standards and practices for the entire farming operations. Over the course of his career, Evan has obtained his general contractor’s license, as well as his realtor license and appraiser certification. The result is a successful 35-year track record as a developer, consultant, and project manager.

Evan’s past experience has been overseeing large-scale commercial, residential, and institutional development projects. Prior to joining Agravitae, Inc., he provided daily leadership for state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation and extraction facilities in Southern California with a valuation exceeding $225,000,000.

As an entrepreneur, he and his business partner have developed and managed over 150,000 square feet of commercial property for their own portfolio. Additionally, they have managed the development and sale of over 750 custom homes in the Coachella Valley. Outside of work, Evan enjoys international travel, as well as buying, renovating and developing residential properties, especially 100% off-grid properties. As someone who loves participating in extreme fitness events, Evan is diligent in his pursuit of all things beneficial to health, nutrition and faith.

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Tim Hough President

Tim is a results oriented executive with over 20 years of Fortune 50 experience developing and executing strategies in tech and consumer products. His leadership skills, strategy, and vision enable him to successfully expand market share and profitable growth. To date, Tim has accomplished over $14 billion in direct sales. He fearlessly and efficiently works through multiple details without losing sight of the bigger picture. He has a proven ability to build and retain teams that can optimize operations, increase sales, and reduce costs in today’s complex global business environments. Tim has proven to be an excellent communicator with the confidence and aptitude to expand a company’s brand in the marketplace.

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Ashley De Paul Product Advisor

Ashley Nicole De Paul earned a full-ride scholarship for the sport of competitive swimming. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences with a Minor in Educational Studies from the University of California, Irvine. She also attended California State University, Fullerton for a multiple subject K-6 teaching credential. Additionally, Ashley completed the full practitioner curriculum at Universal College of Indigenous Medicine.

As a social scientist, Ashley continued to enhance her interest and ability in understanding people and their backgrounds through personal development courses. She completed the Full Curriculum for Living at Landmark Education, and has participated in PAX Workshops. Ashley also has a Minister and Physio/Spiritual Massage certificates from Universal Light. She is a Registered Behavioral Therapist and Herbal Practitioner which allows Ashley to share her multiple gifts, knowledge, experience, love, and passion within every session.

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Nancy Dunn Product Advisor

The vibrant, inspiring, joyful yogi, Nancy Dunn, has 25 years experience practicing both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. She has certifications in both techniques, and decades long experience as a practitioner of Integrative Mind/Body/Spirit wellness. Nancy earned her B.A. from UC Berkeley, an M.A. in Psychology, and multiple coaching certifications. She is a multi-faceted community leader, teacher, and life-long student. Her students and clients run the gamut from beginners to ultra-athletes. Nancy is a former International Studio Marketing Executive for Sony, 20th Century Fox, and MGM, with background in public speaking and training. She has worked as a TEDx Manhattan Beach Speaker Coach, former Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Commissioner, and is passionately dedicated to improving the lives of others.

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Dr. Limoli is currently a Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from MIT, then went on to receive his PhD in Biomedical Sciences from UCSD. Since that time, Dr. Limoli has worked with some of the world’s leading scientists, and was awarded funds by NASA to study the long-term effects of space and cosmic radiation on an astronaut’s cognition. His “space brain” project is part of NASA’s Human Research Program, and critical to further human exploration of space. The study aims to investigate how cosmic radiation affects an astronaut’s cognition and to identify ways to mitigate these effects.

Dr. Limoli’s focus also includes monitoring the effects of radiation on cancer patients and on the central nervous system. He has defined many of the mechanisms that contribute to radiation-induced cognitive dysfunction. His work defines the importance of oxidative stress in the brain, how irradiation disrupts neuronal structure, and synaptic integrity, and how stem cells can be used to offset the adverse effects of both radio and chemotherapy in the brain. He continues to work to further understand the causes, consequences, and potential remedies for neuro-cognitive dysfunction caused by various cancer treatments.